Pharmaceutical Returns Service -Reverse Distribution of Expired Pharmaceutical Products


Professional Pharmaceutical Returns Service

The Rx Exchange is a customer-centric pharmaceutical reverse distributor with strong professional expertise in expired pharmaceutical returns processing, regulatory compliant pharmaceutical waste disposal, and pharmaceutical inventory services. We are committed to making the returns process as simple and transparent as possible for the busy pharmacist.

The Rx Exchange services independent retail, chain store, medical center, hospital, clinic, emergency service, government, wholesaler, manufacturer, and other pharmacy services organizations. Drawing from over 20 years experience in the industry, The Rx Exchange has positioned itself as a “One Stop Solution” for expired pharmaceutical returns and disposal services.

Professional integrity coupled with real customer service is our trademark. Both the returns process and the industry as a whole may seem complex and a bit confusing. The Rx Exchange has developed relationships with over 900 U.S. and international pharmaceutical manufacturers to ensure that our customers receive the maximum return credit possible. Our automated systems and operational efficiencies result in rapid completion of your returns and submission to the manufacturers, but it doesn't stop there.

Our motto may appear a bit simplistic, but it is sincere:

We work hard to get you all the credit you deserve!

Return your expired pharmaceutical products to us for credit

As a pharmacist, your focus is on your patients; let us ease your mind by providing you with a thorough returns processing solution that fits your needs.

The Rx Exchange aggressively pursues maximum return values on your behalf which means that we will take the time to identify manufacturers that do not have a returns policy or who refuse to accept returns from a third party. Then we will work with you to get those items returned where other companies simply declare them as nonreturnable merchandise. Our Estimated Return Values are based upon current Fair Market Values – more money back, lower fees.