Pharmaceutical Returns Service -Reverse Distribution of Expired Pharmaceutical Products


How to Prepare a Return

Please read these instructions carefully in order to process your return quickly and accurately

 Non-Control and Schedule 3-5 Items 

 Schedule 2 Returns 



Non-Control and Schedule 3-5 Returns

  1. Walk through the shelves of the pharmacy, pulling all outdated material and any products up to 3 months in-date.
  2. Put any control products (C3-5) into a separate BAG and use the Schedule 3, 4, 5 Form to list them separately.
  3. Any liquids need to be placed into a plastic zip lock bag. All glass containers must be wrapped. They can still be in the same box with your regular return.
  4. Place everything into one or multiple boxes. Make sure the dimensions of your boxes do not exceed 16"x16"x16".
  5. Secure each box carefully to avoid losing any merchandise. Contact The Rx Exchange to schedule a date for pick-up.
  6. Our common carrier will arrive on the scheduled date to pick up the merchandise.
  7. Your return will be processed within 48 hours of us receiving your merchandise. You will receive a full report along with the results of your return within one week of receipt.




Schedule 2 Returns

  1. Obtain a Schedule 2 inventory form from your Rx Exchange representative, or download here.
  2. Completely fill out the inventory form. All information is needed to accurately complete the DEA Form 222. Please write clearly.
  3. Fax your completed Schedule 2 inventory form, along with a copy of your pharmaceutical state and DEA licenses, to The Rx Exchange at 678-306-1871.
  4. The Rx Exchange will execute the DEA Forms 222 and forward them to you with a Schedule 2 return packet. Please follow the instructions carefully.